Hurrdat Films – Telling The Untold Stories

We’re a production company based in Omaha, NE, with strong roots in the world of sports and a focus on producing documentary film and entertainment content.


Hurrdat Films looks to tell the untold stories of the world and present them to audiences in meaningful and accessible ways. We strive to make films that cut through the clutter. Our lens is always informed by the authenticity and work ethic of our Midwest upbringing.


Hurrdat Films launched in 2015 when producer and entrepreneur Bill Hipsher crossed paths with veteran action-sports filmmaker Dan Napoli.


Hurrdat Films is a sub-division of Hurrdat, a leading digital marketing agency.

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Dan Napoli is a veteran documentary filmmaker, having directed & edited over a dozen documentaries, including Best Kids In Texas, and FIFTEEN. 

As a storyteller, Dan’s  influence come from growing up a quintessential Gen X – skateboarding videos, music, sports, and Spielberg. 

“Growing up in the era of Bones Brigade and then seeing what Stacy Peralta grew into with Dogtown & Z-Boys was so inspiring. Speilberg was just a great, classic storyteller without being pretentious.”

Dan’s career in video production career spans nearly 20 years, beginning as a music supervisor on the 1999 action sports documentary, PUSH.

Dan has also produced and co-creator on a number of projects over the past two decades, including The Artifact Film Series, and The Roster, a docu-series airing on Sky Sports in the UK. 

He has worked with numerous advertising agencies, digital marketing companies, and brands developing content as video became a more and more important of the online experience.

Chairman & President Bill Hipsher connected with Dan to direct the first Hurrdat Films release, FIFTEEN. The film was a success, gaining a quarter-million views online and earning awards from the Los Angeles Sports Film Festival.

Dan’s fourth film for the studio, 50 Summers – A Minor League Baseball Documentary has been recognized with numerous awards and laurels – including being a Golden Award Winner by the 2018 Spotlight Documentary Film Awards.



After a decade behind the camera, James has become an accomplished and reliable cinematographer.  He has over a half-dozen Director of Photography credits to his name. James has colored most of Hurrdat Films releases, including 50 Summers, Best Kids In Texas, and Holy Grail.

Cinematically, James draws inspiration from Directors Of Photography like Emmanuel Lubezki and his work on films like Children of Men and Birdman.

“His tendency for long takes, and using the camera as if it was a person moving through the scene, following the action has been a big influence, doing such much documentary work.”

James has worked for several midwest-based production companies, and executed numerous pieces of agency work over his ten years in the industry as a shooter, editor, and colorist. He has been a frequent collaborator with Director Dan Napoli for over a decade.

James brings a distinctly Midwestern sensibility to his craft. Do the work. Make it good. Let it speaks for itself.