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Your audience has incredible stories to tell, and the best way to showcase the people who are doing amazing things on behalf of your brand is through easily digestible micro-films from Hurrdat Films!

Why Create a Micro Film?

Unlike a docu-profile video or event video that may focus entirely on your brand or a person directly associated with your brand, micro-films share the stories of brand advocates, sponsored athletes, artists, and everyday people who embody the ideals of your brand or marketing campaign.

How Micro-Films Can Support Social Media Campaigns

Since micro-films are created to feel like an individual’s story rather than a brand manifesto, it’s easier to get the attention of your audience. That’s what makes micro-films and social media a great match. If you need help setting up a campaign to accompany your micro-films, our friends at Hurrdat Social Media can help!

Our Micro-Film Reel

Interested in creating a micro-film for your brand? Take a look at some of the micro-films we’ve created at Hurrdat Films!

What Brands Have Said

A word from brands with Micro-Films by Hurrdat Films.

“Dan and his team have helped Planet Eclipse create an archive of stories that not only reflect the journey of the Eclipse brand, but also help weave a visual tapestry of the paintball industry, through our products, athletes and the teams that have pathed the way for future generations of paintballers. Their knowledge of the industry and involvement in the growth of the sport is something that just cannot be bought and is a valuable asset to our brand, and the sport. As fans of paintball who share our emotional connection with the industry, they are mindful of the kind of stories we should be telling which helps us build a timeless bank of video content for many generations to enjoy. Because of this shared emotional connection our vision is often in sync, making it much easier and very exciting to work on a wide variety of projects. Long may this continue.”

Al Woods

Brand Manager, Planet Eclipse

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