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Hire Me Videos

A simple brochure doesn’t always tell potential clients what you can do for them. With a hire me video from Hurrdat Films, you can tell any potential client or customer what you do, how you do it, and the reasons as to why they should hire you!

Why Use a Hire Me ​Video?

Video is so dynamic, it connects with audiences in a more powerful way than a single sheet of paper or webpage ever could.

By putting you or your business leadership on camera, front and center as the primary communicator, Hire Me Videos serve as the next best thing to a face-to-face interaction with potential customers and your desired audience.

Our Hire Me Videos Reel

Take look at some of the previous Hire Me Videos we’ve done for other companies!

What Goes into a Hire Me Video?

Hire Me Videos from Hurrdat Films are 2-4 minutes in length, anchored by a professionally lit interview with a single subject, which is typically company ownership or the client’s head of sales, and filmed on a white syc (background) at our studio in Omaha, NE.

Hire Me Videos also feature appropriate B-Roll of a client or their product in action, as well as dynamic stock music.

These elements are all woven together to produce a polished snapshot of your business and an essential digital marketing tool.

Benefits of a Hire Me Video

Hire Me Videos work the best for business or brands strongly driven by relationship sales and focused on a high-level of personal interaction.

Consultants, trainers, media sales, and software sales businesses have found great value in Hire Me Videos because of their…

Warm lead potential

Short production cycle (approx. 30 days)

Clear, concise messaging about you and your company

High production values


Evergreen status

Flat rate & predetermined pricing

These videos are built to last with the use of high-quality, professional microphones and cameras that ensure all aspects of your video are clean and clear. We also provide clients with a master copy of your hire me video. This gives you the ability, should some new and improved technical requirement be released online, to create a version of your video to those standards!

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