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Event Videos

The essence and atmosphere of your brand’s event can be difficult to describe, which makes the use of video important. Share these moments through a captivating event video created by Hurrdat Films!

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Types of Event Videos

While the term “event video” may make you to think there’s only one type of video we create, there are actually three videos to consider when you begin the promotional cycle for your next event.

Pre-Event Hype Video

Getting people excited for an upcoming event is easier with a pre-event hype video! A video that promotes the event early is a great way to convey the atmosphere attendees will experience in addition to sharing the “when and where” information that new fans will need.

Same-Day Event Videos

With multi-day events, a great way to appeal to new and existing fans is through same-day event videos! These videos are shot, edited, and delivered for sharing on social media or your website and can help convince more people to attend your event!

Post-Event Wrap-Up Videos

A post-event wrap-up video not only thanks those who attended and helped at your event, but that also works as a marketing tool for your next event. These videos come together through the use of on-camera interviews and shots that can be cut to highlight specific elements of the event.

Our Event Video Reel

Interested in creating an event video for your brand? Take a look at some of the event videos we’ve created at Hurrdat Films!

Combine Event Videos with Social Media Campaigns

An event video on its own is a great way to captivate your audience and get them ready to attend an event, but video alone won’t get you the results you hope for. To give your brand the best chance to succeed, consider adding a social media element that gets your video in front of the right people at the right time.

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What Brands Have Said

A word from brands with Event Videos from Hurrdat Films.

“The Victory Fighting Championships brand is emerging as a global development promotion for the UFC and is part of their UFC Fight Pass channel, so we need production work that’s local but able to present the brand on national level and I couldn’t be any happier with what I’ve received thus far.”

Ryan Stoddard

President, Victory Fighting Championship

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