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Docu-Profile Videos

We’ve taken the standard business “talking head” and evolved it into a cinematic, story-driven vehicle for your brand or business. With docu-profile videos from Hurrdat Films, your brand can introduce your audience to more than just who you are and what you do.

What is a Docu-Profile Video?

A docu-profile video in its simplest form is a highly-stylized promotional video for your business that helps you create a deeper connection with your audience. Instead of focusing on what you do or who you are as you would in the old “talking head” videos, we’ve developed a way to share a more compelling story about the how and why surrounding your business.

The stories your audience want to hear don’t come from an FAQ page or website copy. They come from the people behind the scenes and from the customers whose lives have been impacted by your brand. We want to show these stories and let your audience learn more in an engaging way.

Our Docu-Profile Video Reel

Interested in creating a docu-profile video for your brand? Take a look at some of the docu-profile videos we’ve created at Hurrdat Films!

Benefits of a Docu-Profile Video

Every company could benefit from the production of a docu-profile video. These videos can serve as a great way to showcase…

Company milestones or anniversaries

Taking a product to market after a long R&D phase

Personalities within your company

Customers who have been affected on a positive and personal level

Since these videos are built to look and feel like a documentary film, they can have a lasting impact for your brand online. While they may only cover one subject, they speak to the heart of your company instead of serving to promote your name.

What Brands Have Said

A word from brands with Docu-Profiles by Hurrdat Films.

“Hurrdat Films is incredibly agile in their approach to working with clients. We came to them with an unfinished concept and they helped us deliver an amazing final finished piece inside of 3 weeks. Their creative thinking really brought our idea to life and without them we could never have successfully navigated to intricacies of the casting, shoot and final editing/finishing.”

John Battistini

Director of Interactive Services, 2005-2015, Stein IAS

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