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Branded Documentary Films

It’s not everyday that a brand story needs a feature-length film. With branded documentary films from Hurrdat Films, you have the chance to share a one-of-a-kind experience with your audience.

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Building a Documentary for Your Brand

Whether it’s a team winning its first championship ever, a company leading the charge with new technology, or an individual overcoming all odds to achieve a goal, some stories just can’t be contained to a few minutes. Branded documentary films are perfect for those moments.

At Hurrdat Films, we follow the same path any filmmaking team would when creating a feature-length film. Creating a story arc, setting up interviews, licensing music, all the way up to final production. And instead of simply taking a video and putting it up online, your brand can share the film through special theater screenings and even film festivals, creating a unique experience for your audience.

Our Branded Documentary Film Reel

Interested in creating a branded documentary film for your brand? Take a look at some of the branded documentary films Hurrdat Films director Dan Napoli has created over the years!

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Filmmaking Experience You Can Count On

For more than a decade, Dan Napoli has produced, directed, and edited full-length documentary films for brands of all sizes across multiple industries. Through his experience, Hurrdat Films has the ability to work with each brand to deliver the full cinematic treatment.

What Brands Have Said

A word from brands with Branded Documentaries by Hurrdat Films.

“We don’t make these films to win awards or to be recognised outside of our industry, but it’s great when we do. We try and create the best possible work no matter what it is that we are doing. Our films get better and better each year, but if we never win an award that’s fine as long as our films are liked, that’s enough. If just one person watches one of films from outside of the industry and decides to give Paintball a go then that’s the cherry on top.”

Antony Leadbetter

President, Planet Eclipse

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