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Video Production Services

At Hurrdat Films, we believe in storytelling through digital video to create powerful branded stories that connect you with your audience on a personal, emotional level.

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Docu-Profile Videos

Through our docu-profile videos—which look and feel similar to a full-length documentary—your brand has the opportunity to share your history, promote a product or service launch, or tell stories about the people within your company, creating a deeper connection with your audience.

Branded Documentary Films

Our branded documentary films provide your business with the opportunity to showcase a unique story through a 60-minute cinematic experience unlike any other video marketing efforts.

Micro Films

Instead of focusing directly on your brand and your own story, micro-films tell the stories of the everyday people or ambassadors who embody the ideals of your brand and what you do.

Event Videos

Share the atmosphere and story behind your brand event with the help of a short, cinematic video depicting the three phases of any event: pre-event hype, event-day video, and post-event wrap-up!

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Want to learn more about our video production services and what will work best for your brand? Send us a quick message, and we'll find a time to get together or get on the phone to discuss more!