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About Hurrdat Films

Located in Omaha, NE, Hurrdat Films is the in-house video production arm of Hurrdat Social Media. We provide brands with high-quality video assets that can supplement new and existing digital marketing strategies. Our team has more than two decades of experience in filming, editing, and directing full-length documentary films and branded videos.

We are storytellers

We tell stories that cut through the clutter. We create meaningful, memorable connections between your brand and its audience with docu-profile videos, branded documentary films, micro-films, and event videos.

Our History

The story behind Hurrdat Films began ten years before joining the Hurrdat and B² Interactive teams. In 2005, director Dan Napoli founded Disconnected Media, producing promotional video content for action sports and other brands. For a decade, Dan built an impressive portfolio of client and documentary film work, directing nearly a dozen action-sports documentaries in addition to other agency work. In 2015, Dan joined B² Interactive, and Hurrdat Films was born soon after.

Today, Hurrdat Films accepts the challenge of finding new ways to tell documentary-style stories while also developing young aspiring talent interested in film and video production. Our video production team continues to tell unique, powerful stories as marketing tools for a growing client roster.

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Our Team

Dan Napoli, Director of Visual Storytelling

Dan Napoli

Director of Visual Storytelling

Hey-I’m Dan Napoli, the Director of Visual Storytelling here at Hurrdat Films. I use words, music, and images to tell moving and impactful stories on behalf of brands.

I joined the Hurrdat family in August 2015 when B² Interactive acquired my production company, Digital Hero Films. We produced brand films and other branded content for clients. In 10 years, I’ve directed more than a dozen documentary films and series.

When it comes to my role and responsibilities with Hurrdat, I write, direct, edit, shoot, license music, and manage all the aspects of production necessary to produce video projects for a client. In short, I use microphones, music, and film to tell stories and move people.

On the personal side, it is sometimes hard to separate myself from my work when you do what I do. I love film, television, and music, which I’m lucky enough to have be part of my work. It probably also stems from growing up in the ‘80s and coming of age in ‘90s when music video as an art form was at its zenith. It’s great though. There are not workdays or off days — just good days.

I’m a huge punk rock and alternative music fan, so a monthly trek to Drastic Plastic to add to my vinyl collection is ritual. The last three records I bought were a double-gate fold edition of the Beastie Boys’ “Ill Communication,” Bob Mould’s “Beauty & Ruin,” and The Wonder Years’ “No Closer to Heaven.”

I prefer comedies, and offbeat ones. Usually it’s stuff that gets ignored by audiences and network execs, cancelled, and then beloved later. “Community,” “Arrested Development,” “Freaks and Geeks,” “Undeclared,” “Better Off Ted,” and “Happy Endings” are clogging up my Netflix/Hulu/iTunes accounts.

Fast Facts

How do you blow off steam after a stressful day?
Blaring punk rock really loud in my car and singing along like I’m still 15.

The best part of waking up is?
The first sip of coffee.

Who was your celebrity crush growing up?
Alyssa Milano. Sorry Tony D, she was DEF the boss.

James Chramosta, Video Editor & Director

James Chramosta

Cinematographer & Colorist

Hey I’m James. My job is to visually capture and express the vision of a project using my knowledge of cameras, lenses, lighting, and color grading.

I can shoot, edit, grip, and I’ll even run in with the clapboard when someone calls “mark!”…as long as I don’t have to be in front of the camera once it starts recording. The best part of my job is taking a concept, crafting it into a video that then creates an emotion connection with the viewer…that’s pretty cool.

I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. While attending UNK, I started working for a small production company in Kearney. My first project there was to scan in over 700 photos for a client’s family slideshow. I don’t know what the sweet spot is for number of pictures in a slideshow, but I think 700 is too many. Overall, it was a great place to start in video because I was giving the opportunity to learn from skilled professionals and build my own skill set—all while staying rooted in Nebraska.

Fast Facts

What is one food or restaurant you could eat every day without getting sick of it?
Burritos! Because you can put anything into a tortilla and it’s a burrito!

Have you ever had a strange pet?
I didn’t have a strange pet, but when I was a kid, a bean plant started growing out the side of my water bed. That was strange.

What foods did you refuse to eat as a child?
Mushrooms and ketchup were two big ones. I’m still a little unsure of both, but I’m more tolerant of them.

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